Enjoy Tulum With Your Kids

Activities for children

A huge piece of Tulum’s magic is on its mysticism and its rustic character, on top of that this is a city that just became trendy very recently, so in many ways it is pretty new. It is well known for its familiar environment, although some activities you can do with your children are yet to be discovered. Here we enlist some adventures you can have in Tulum, and that your children will most likely enjoy.

Our first stop is evidently our biggest attraction, the sea and it beaches. Playing around the beach, building sand castles, running away from the waves, doing sand angels, even get buried under the sand are just a few of the many things the kids will love to do. We recommend to have adult supervision at any time and to use enough sunblock lotion.

To visit the archeological site of Tulum and Muyil, playing to be explorers, or archeologist trying to find a new pyramid, or a new specie of flora or fauna. Getting the children closer to the Mexican cultural value, and its history is always easier when playing and using the imagination. We recommend always to use a hat, sunblock lotion and to drink enough water.

To swim and to splash on the cenotes is an excellent way to spend the day having fun and enjoying yourselves, in this sweet water natural pools. It is recommended always to use a life vest and mosquito biodegradable repellent.

The best way to close a long day of games, adventures and fun is with a relaxing massage. Many of our spas offer massages for kids that will help your children to rest and recover the energy for another day of joy. We recommend the children to always be in company of an adult.

Walk around town with a delicious ice cream or Italian gelato through the sunset. Spoil the little ones with something sweet while you go through the streets of this Magical Town, or walking around the beach. We have many places down town or at the beach where you can get ice cream.